Ep 88 | KonMari Quick Tips: Packing Joyfully for Travel

June 11th, 2019 · 11 mins 45 secs

About this Episode

Today’s Quick Tips episode focuses on packing joyfully for travel year round, no matter the length or purpose of your trip.

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KonMari Quick Tips:
-Tip: It’s all about the list! Create a master travel list that contains just about every type of item you want to consider when packing for any type of trip. As per good KonMari practice, break it down into categories: clothing, shoes, accessories, necessary documents, toiletries, medications, and technology. Make it as detailed as possible for your particular travel needs.
You certainly won’t be packing all these things for each trip, but it’s a good idea to review each time you pack.

-Tip: A good strategy is to make copies of the list and put a copy in each suitcase. Having a copy of the list right there forces you to look at it and think through what you are packing without relying solely on your memory (while charging). store in plastic or laminate. If you forget something on a trip, write that item down on the packing list to continue to customize and remember frequently left objects.

-Tip: Anyone who takes The Tidy Pledge receives a copy of an illustrated KonMari folding drawer liner and bonus travel KonMari Packing list, also available here.

-Tip: Timing is key. Don’t wait to pack at the last minute. Especially if it’s a fun trip, it’s so much nicer to get ready in advance so you are relaxed on your journey. Scrambling around the night before a big trip is no fun.

-Tip: Have your toiletries bag packed and ready to go. This is one time that having a few duplicates can be helpful. Your toiletries bag set up and in your suitcase can save lots of steps in packing. Just be sure to restock your supplies after each trip.

-Tip: If you are trying to pack lightly, think in terms of “If I need this, could I get it there?” Most hotel bathrooms have all the basics stocked and some hotels now provide workout gear for you to borrow at many of their locations.

-Tip: If you are sensitive to certain skin care products or someone who is very loyal to my favorite brands, please do invest in reusable toiletries bottlesthat you can fill with liquids.

-Tip: The Serene Home in the New York Times regarding those bottles and their impact on the environment: NYT: Those Tiny Hotel Bottles are on Their Way Out

-Tip: Pack outfits, not items. Think: top, bottom, socks, shoes accessories for each outfit. Don’t pack a top unless you know what bottoms, shoes, and accessories you will wear with it. Avoids getting to your destination with incomplete outfits.

-Tip: Conversely, don’t pack outfits you probably won’t need. “What if” outfits can eat up lots of space. Yes, there might be a sudden unexpected cold snap, but pack for the “probably” and not the “maybe.”

-Tip: Packing cubes can be very helpful in keeping things orderly. Buy a different colored set for each member of the family. In most cases, you’ll pack a cube based on type of object: socks in one, undies in another, tee shirts in another. Or, you can pack each one with a different complete outfit if that idea appeals to you.

-Tip: Carry on packing: If your luggage doesn’t arrive with you, could you charge your phone, find your hotel, get your rental car, take needed meds, have enough money/credit cards to buy what you need? Those are the items that for sure should go in your carry on.

With a little preparation, travel can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, full of memorable adventures and perfectly packed suitcases. Happy Travels!

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