Ep 11 | [Tidy] Like a Mind Reader with Jonathan Pritchard

November 7th, 2017 · 38 mins 5 secs

About this Episode

Jonathan Pritchard, professional mind reader and author, opens his psychological toolkit to help us apply the predictive art of mind reading to reach personal goals across all areas of our life.

Our guest, Jonathan Pritchard is a mentalist who appeared on America’s Got Talent, entertained US troops stationed overseas, performed on Vegas main stages, cruise ships, and more. He also helps people discover the magic of connecting. He helps companies connect with their employees during networking events and sharpen their marketing skills to be able to grab prospective clients. And now, he's the author of a new book, Think Like a Mind Reader: Improve your business, strengthen your relationships, and solve your problems.

In this episode, we explore applied psychology-based strategies, approaches, and techniques you can use to change your life. Jonathan teaches us how push the limits of our understanding to realize we can do a lot more than we think we can.

To connect with or hire Jonathan, you can visit www.likeamindreader.com. His book Think Like a Mind Reader is available on Amazon (http://amzn.to/2yb9WwC).

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • How Jonathan made a living on stage by making others think he could read minds

  • How a shy kid used magic to relate to people and make them think he was naturally outgoing

  • How people are wired to make magic possible and universally accepted

  • How Jonathan uses the skill of professional people meeting to help businesses highlight their products and connect employees with their teams and customers

  • A tip that will help you be unforgettable during your next networking event

  • How post-live show conversations inspired Jonathan's new book: Think Like a Mind Reader: Improve your business, strengthen your relationships, and solve your problems

  • Why Think Like a Mind Reader is only offered as a printed/hardcopy rather than an e-book

  • How the book itself can be used as a mind reading trick

  • Why you should hand write notes instead of type them

  • Why everybody needs a coach

  • How the story you're telling yourself about a problem may actually be the problem

  • How to install new mental models to change your behavior

  • The one statement Jonathan loves to hear his coaching clients make

What sparks joy for Jonathan: "A quiet night home with my sweetie."

Words of Wisdom "Fail faster."


"How would your business be better if you could actually read minds?"

"When the whole world is zigging, I like to zag."

"What action are you going to take that really makes or breaks your success?"

"Most people fail to solve their problems because they don't understand what the actual problem is."

"Even the highest performers still need coaches."

"My life goal is to trade up to more and more interesting problems every year."

"Our environments influence and affect us just as much as we influence and affect our environments."

"Your brain runs on as much energy as the light bulb in your fridge."

"Magic shows walk you up to the limit of your understanding, and then point out into the distance and go 'that's where I live.'"

"Fail fast. The only time you learn is when you're uncomfortable and learning something new."

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