Ep 141 | Brother-Sister Tidying Duo with Sheila and Kevin Carroll

July 14th, 2020 · 26 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

Brother-sister tidying duo Sheila and Kevin Carroll share the lessons they learned while spending over 20 days organizing Kevin's home in Connecticut.

Kevin is a game inventor and Spark Joy podcast fan from Connecticut. His sister Sheila is a certified KonMari Consultant with Moreganize in Vancouver who helps people find more happiness in their life by organizing their homes and workplaces.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • How a move from California to Singapore sparked Sheila's interest in the simplicity and led to her becoming a certified KonMari Consultant
  • How Kevin's crowded dresser planted the organizing seed that led him to call on her sister for help
  • How Sheila and Kevin tidied for a total of 20 days, with Sheila traveling from Vancouver to Connecticut
  • The size and scope of Kevin's home/project in his Connecticut cottage
  • Kevin's vision: get rid of the clutter and lighten up his stress level
  • The pros and cons when it comes to tidying with family members
  • How organizing KonMari style impacted other areas of Kevin's life more broadly
  • How tidying has impacted their brother-sister relationship
  • How Sheila's work with her brother impacted her work with clients

Sheila's favorite tidying tip:
70% is full

Kevin's favorite tidying tip:
What do I want to keep rather than what do I want to get rid of.
Put felt pads on the bottom of appliances so they slide easily on countertops

What sparks joy for Sheila:

What sparks joy for Kevin:
Inventing a new game with his son

To connect with Sheila Carrol, visit moreganize.ca and on Facebook

To connect with Kevin and learn more about TENZI visit ilovetenzi.com

Exclusively for Spark Joy Listeners:
Sheila and Kevin are offering a TEN-TEN special! 10% off a Morganize session PLUS a FREE game of TENZI!

"Only take it if you love it or you need it.
"I called clutter my kryptonite. It just paralyzed me."
"When I work with a client, you get a combination of gentle and powerful."
"By having less clutter around, I just feel more efficient with my time I'm not caught up in looking for things and getting frustrated I can't find them."
"I'm now much more conscious about what comes into the house than I was before."
"Going through the process brings up lots of stories...our experiences growing up and what we've shared."

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