Ep 22 | Inspire Someone Daily: Broken Little Pieces with Kizmat Tention

January 30th, 2018 · 34 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

Kizmat Tention, super mom by day, super wife by night, helps us take off our masks to find our authentic self.

Super mom by day, super wife by night, and invisible all of the time.

This is what happens when you retire the Superhero cape, remove the masks, and begin the journey of, "Who am I? How did I get here? And how long will it take to pick up all of the broken little pieces of my life?"

Our guest today is Kizmat Tention.

Kizmat is a life coach and author who has been making big waves with her new book, Broken Little Pieces: Invisible.

Since then, she's been touring and speaking about her work and sharing her very powerful message of finding your authentic self. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two children.

In this episode, you'll enjoy:

You'll hear how Kizmat began to recognize that she had been given, and had taken on, identities, roles and masks throughout her life that had keep her from her true self.

How masks are passed along to us and how they can damage not only our true selves, but also our relationships and those around us.

The role that birth order can play in our development. Kizmat talks about her "middle child" position and Karin shares an "oldest child" memory!

Here's a good article on birth order theory:
How Birth Order Affects Your Child's Personality and Behavior

Learn how to begin moving away from our masks and our toxic identities AND how this fits in with the KonMari Method.

How clutter reflects our emotional space. Kizmat talks about the "revolving door of emotion" within our homes, going back and forth from obsess orderliness and giving up on it all.

To connect with Kizmat,you can visit www.brokenlittlepieces.com and follow her on FB at Broken Little Pieces: Broken Little Pieces on Facebook,or on twitter @kizzymat on Instagram at Kizmat Tention.
Her book, Broken Little Pieces: Invisible, can be purchased here: Broken Little Pieces: Invisible on Amazon

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What sparks joy for Kizmat:
"When people are brave."
She loves inspiring others to be a light in the world via her FaceBook group and her online community.

Kizmat's final words of wisdom:
"Don't be afraid to go and create your own lane."

"It's a journey to take all of the pieces to create the mosaic of your life's mural."

"Marriage multiples what is already there."

"How long have I felt invisible?"

"Regret and perfectionism are companions. We fear having regrets, thus propelling our mindset into the ways of perfectionism."

"What am I holding onto and why? What reward are you getting from it?"

"Change the dialogue of failure."

"You see their glory, but you don't see their story."

"Inspire someone daily."

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