Ep 37 | The True Cost of Clutter

May 15th, 2018 · 44 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

Spark Joy co-hosts and KonMari Consultants, Karin and Kristyn, talk about 17 obvious and hidden costs associated with living with clutter that is slowly stealing your joy.

In this episode, we attempt to uncover and put a price tag on the hidden costs associated with delaying your KonMari tidying event. Like many common lifestyle challenges (losing weight, getting out of debt, finding a new job) the longer you wait to get started, the more the issue compounds and slowly steals your joy. So it’s time to get real and talk about the physical and emotional costs associated with keeping clutter around.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Joy Checks: Karin surprises her mom in Kansas City and Kristyn finds joy on the 606 running trail in Chicago.

We breakdown 17 costs associated with clutter:

  • The cost of storing your clutter outside of your home

  • The cost of not using everything that you've purchased

  • The cost of having unutilized space within your home
    Clutter Cost Formula

  • The cost of buying/renting a bigger home to accommodate things that don't spark joy

  • The cost of the clutter damaging your home over time

Calendar clutter: time and energy
Refer to Ep 30 | Simply B Organized with Laurie Palau

Don't worry, we end this episode on a joyful note! We discuss the many ways decluttering can pay you back to counter some of the clutter costs.


"Having a storage locker is like going to visit your past mistakes."

"Your space itself is way more valuable than your stuff."

"Is this space honoring what's being stored within it?"

"Is this space supporting the ideal lifestyle that I desire?"

You can find Karin Socci at The Serene Home
You can find Kristyn Ivey at For the Love of Tidy