Ep 50 | The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali

August 14th, 2018 · 27 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

Our guest today is Amisha Ghadiali. She is the founder and host of The Future is Beautiful podcast and the author of the book by the same name. She also holds retreats combining yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:
-Hearing about Amisha's work in politics and the creation of the Ballot Box initiative that she founded: Think Act Vote in Dazed

-The amazing story of Amisha’s life changing events that made such a difference in her world view and motivation to make a difference.

-How she has found courage to grow her community and her work as an activist.

-The Framework of how to put your values into action: (?!X)

  • Think: Vision
  • Act
  • Vote: Support

-Watch Amisha’s Ted X Oxbridge talk: Ted X Oxbridge

-Listen to her podcast: The Future is Beautiful podcast on Apple

-Learn about her community: The Future is Beautiful Community

-Take a look at Amisha’s books: The Future is Beautiful Books

-The common theme within the stories of the guests she interviews on her podcast: it’s courage!

-How we can move toward a beautiful future during this time of turmoil.

What sparks joy for Amisha today:
"A re-love of healthy eating! Feeling that I’m really nourishing myself."

Final words of wisdom:
"Don’t let anyone tell you there’s anything you can’t do, the more people I talk to and the more stories I hear, the more I realize that a lot of the limitations that we face are our own, but we really can find our courage and we really can find beauty in the world.”

Amisha has a special offer for our listeners.
She will provide a complementary intuitive therapy consultation by contacting her on her website here: Amisha.co.uk and be sure to mention you heard her on the Spark Joy podcast.

You can find Amisha at The Future is Beautiful and at Amisha.co.uk

She’s also at The Future is beautiful on Instagram: The Future is Beautiful on Instagram and Facebook: The Future is Beautiful on Facebook


“When we connect to our hearts and minds, and what unites us, our innate goodness and beauty, we find so much possibility, so much opportunity. This is the revolution.”

“I had become very academic, and I had become very hands on, volunteering but I wasn’t making things for myself anymore. I wasn’t doing things that were a pure expression of who I was.”

“It’s been messy along the way. The process of finding courage and the process of using trauma and tragedy to grow and give is not an easy one.”

“Most of us just want a world where we can feel safe where our children can thrive and where we have resources. That’s our common thread.”

“I think that we have to take one bit at a time and to not feel that we have to take it on all at once or that all of it is our responsibility.”

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