Ep 54 | A Productive Digital Clutter Free Life of Yes with Saya Hillman

September 11th, 2018 · 54 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

Our guest, Saya Hillman, helps us answer the question “why not?” instead of “I can’t?” in order to live a Life of Yes℠.

Today’s guest challenges us all to think beyond fear and embrace a Life of Yes℠.

Saya Hillman started Mac & Cheese Productions℠ in 2004 after she got fired from her last full-time job and had no idea what she wanted to do.

Being fired turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. Mac & Cheese Productions℠ is now a lifestyle business that provides creative solutions to common problems through its Life of Yes offerings. At its core, is the belief that the segments which make up our lives shouldn’t be sources of stress, but sources of joy and ease.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Saya's journey from wanting to feel invisible in order to avoid sticking out in a crowd to unapologetically embracing a life of yes
  • How Saya came up with her memorable business name, Mac & Cheese Productions
  • How Saya's networking events break the mold and reflect who she is
  • How sharing each other's vulnerabilities connect her guest "Cheese-Its" together
  • How you can get further in life by being experience focused instead of results focused
  • How Saya helps people transform by embracing productivity, public speaking, sales and other things that cause people stress and pain to be filled with ease and joy
  • How you put the hardest tasks behind us by eating a frog at the beginning of the day
  • How Saya makes her every day life easier and more productive by staying within her Life of Yes radius
  • How sharing a spontaneous moment of sharing her vulnerabilities helped Saya relate to her audience during
  • How the Spark Joy paper clutter episode connects to the path of digitizing our life
  • A travel hack Saya and her husband use to avoid getting overwhelmed with digital clutter
  • How Saya manages her "to reads"
  • How letting go of productivity systems that ultimately don't spark joy will set you free
  • When it is the right time to go nuclear on your inbox
  • How Feedly helps let go of subscription guilt
  • Why Saya decided to go completely paperless when it comes to her business and how she cleans her "digital closet"
  • How bulk work can help you handle your work and not hate your life
  • How the simple act of silencing push notifications can help you feel in control when it comes to technology and incoming information
  • Why improv was the top three adult choices Saya made as an adult that changed her life

Saya's favorite tidying tip: Digitize all of your sentimental items

What sparks joy for Saya: Travel hacking her way to Japan with a $250 first class ticket

To connect with Saya visit www.macncheeseproductions.com . You can also find her on Twitter or Facebook .


  • "What makes you different are not things to be ashamed of, but to hold up to the light."
  • "I want my business to reflect my personality."
  • "We set ourselves up for disappointment when we are results focused as opposed to experience focused."
  • "Do you have a source of stress that is self created?"
  • "You should set up your life in the way you want it to be lived."
  • "My way isn't the right way. The right way is what works for you."
  • "Such magic can happen when you do voice whatever it is that is causing you any type of negativity in your life."
  • "The perfect time unicorn doesn't exist. You need to do that thing you need to do, and do it now."
  • "I'm completely paralyzed because I know i have a problem, but it's so overwhelming I'm not going to do anything."
  • "Are you spending a lot of time spinning your wheels?...and if you are, how can you stop that?"
  • "Have your default be yes instead of no and why not instead of I can't."

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