Ep 6 | Declutter Your Path to Wealth with Tess Wicks

October 3rd, 2017 · 47 mins 36 secs

About this Episode

Tess Wicks, personal finance coach and educator, breaks down the journey to financial independence into key actions and makes the connection between our priorities, the things we acquire, and our life vision.
Our guest, Tess Wicks, is a personal finance coach and educator. She is the founder of Wander Wealthy, an online community for women in their 20s and 30s to get inspired and achieve their personal development, money, and travel goals. Tess creates video content on her Wander Wealthy Facebook Page and YouTube Channel, and is the host of the Words and Money Podcast. Tess wants to empower women to get smart about their money while still being able to spend it on the things that bring them joy. In this episode, Tess discusses her personal finance philosophy and practical tips you can use to achieve financial success one small step at a time. We also explore why talking about money (and clutter at home) is so taboo and how having those uncomfortable conversations upfront with yourself of your partner is the only way to achieve lasting change.

Tess is offering Spark Joy listeners Free Anti-Budget Training. It's a budgeting method for people who hate budgeting. It simplifies financial management down to one simple number to use every day and is available at: www.wanderwealthy.com/AntiBudget

To connect with Tess Wicks visit www.wanderwealthy.com and join the Wander Wealthy community on Facebook and YouTube. Also, check out Tess’ podcast Words and Money.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • What improv, kettle bell and playing the violin have to do with personal finances

  • How having financially responsible parents led Tess to be a cautious spender who avoided debt

  • How to live outside of your comfort zone while taking calculated risks

  • How Tess desires to be a minimalist and frugalist in most areas, but leans most towards Essentialism

  • How prioritizing what is essential to you and deeming the rest "clutter" helps build awareness around spending

  • How important it is to exercise your "saying no" muscle

  • The lesson your sunk costs teach you

  • Feeling financially overwhelmed? Tess suggests:
    1) Commit time to sit down and look at your finances
    2) Calculate your net worth (everything you own - everything you owe)
    3) Set realistic short-term goals you can accomplish in three months

  • How having multiple bank accounts actually helps you avoid being caught off guard by financial surprises

  • Why talking about money is so taboo

  • How to initiate tough conversations about finances

  • How wealthy women put their money to work for them

  • How Tess pre-saves for splurges and treats herself, including the five things she won't give up

What sparks joy for Tess: She's finally living and breathing what her brand (Wander Wealthy) is by finding her freedom, taking adventures and enjoying her life while living within her financial means.


  • "I identify places where I need to grow or challenge myself and I dive into it."

  • "If it brings you joy, make room in your budget to spend on that thing."

  • "Separating the essential few from the trivial many."

  • "Net worth = everything you own - everything you owe"

  • "You don't want to be with someone who can't accept you for your flaws."

  • "Anyone can achieve financial independence. The hardest part is taking action."

  • "Commit and take action for one hour to decide to declutter your financial life."

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