Ep 63 | Homeopathy at Home with Frank Molignano

November 13th, 2018 · 28 mins 28 secs

About this Episode

Frank Molignao helps us to explore the alternative practice of homeopathy as we explore ways to infuse our KonMari homes with more health and wellness.

Our guest, Frank Molignano, has worked extensively in the mental health field as a homeopath, biofeedback specialist and reiki master. He facilitates a deep connection to well-being, integrating unresolved trauma, and through his practice, supports individuals in moving from contraction to expansion, and from limitation to freedom.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • How Frank's father inspired him to look into alternative practices as a teen
  • The difference between homeopathy and home remedy
  • The Homeopathy credentialing process
  • How Frank put Homeopathy to the test to heal himself after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease
  • The history of Homeopathy
  • How Homeopathy shifts your attention to holistic health management rather than symptoms-centered care
  • Homeopathy related common myths and misconceptions (common KonMari myths are featured in Spark Joy Episode 25)
  • Risks associated with Homeopathy
  • The importance of consulting a professional alternative practitioner
  • Where conventional treatment vs. Homeopathy may be more or less appropriate
  • What well known remedies should be in your Homeopathy first aid kit in your home
  • How to find a Homeopathy practitioner near you via:
  • What makes you a good candidate for Homeopathic care

What Sparks Joy for Frank: Minimize the amount of sugar in your diet and drink more water

Frank's parting words of wisdom: Homeopathy!

To connect with Frank, head over to The Healing Narrative, and find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Exclusively for our Spark Joy listenters, check out Frank's Cold and Flu Homeopathic Remedy Chart.

Frank is also offering a 25% discount off his initial two hour consultation. Be sure to contact Frank at thehealingnarrative@gmail.com and reference that you heard him on the “Spark Joy” podcast.


  • "For as big as the branches are, so too the roots are deep. If your prune back one of the branches, it's not treating the whole."
  • "This is about cultivating and reclaiming wellness."
  • "It's not homeostasis. It's really a more dynamic state of health and wellness."
  • "I think we all have a moment along our wellness or healing journey when we start to question our results."
  • "Is there a better alternative?"
  • "The homeopathic model really honors and respects the body and mind in a way that there is an inherent state of balance that we can all come back to."

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