Ep 8 | Make Bold Moves with The Traveling Organizer Holly Southerland

October 17th, 2017 · 42 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

Holly Southerland, traveling professional organizer talks taking risks and making bold moves.

Our guest, Holly Southerland is a professional organizer who has been traveling nationwide since 2008 helping families and entrepreneurs get unstuck and find peace in their homes. Her team, Waco Home Organizers, based in Waco Texas, helps individuals and businesses with decluttering and creating organizational systems that fit their personal style. She is passionate about helping people move forward by cutting out the clutter that stands in the way. In this episode, Holly discusses the life of a travelling organizer, what it’s like to pursue an entrepreneurial dream, and some of her best insights into organizing using practical and obtainable systems and methods. Holly also shares her thoughts on being an introverted entrepreneur, the differences in American homes state-to-state, and her thoughts on the connection between clutter and depression.

Holly is offering Spark Joy listeners a Two-Day Declutter Blitz an investment in yourself, your home, your peace, your productivity, and your sanity. https://goo.gl/sLkXNp

To connect with Holly Southerland, visit Waco Home Organizers (www.wacohomeorganizers.com) or email info@wacohomeorganizers.com. You can also follow her on Facebook or Instagram at @holly_southerland

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • How personality type can influence your comfort level in communicated both at work and socially. You can take your own
    Myers Briggs Personality Test

  • Holly's experience working with a variety of homes and the challenges of order regardless of the size

  • How clutter and depression are related as she discusses in her blog post

  • The great method of managing all the accumulated paper in your home that she teaches in the Sunday Basket Workshop

  • How having a mentor and coach made such a huge difference in planning for her new business. Holly's coach: Lisa Woodruff, Organize 365

  • Helpful hints for dealing with spam mail by visiting DMAchoice.org

  • The adventures of travelling around the country, organizing homes for all sorts of families

  • The benefits of organizing in a concentrated blitz

Holly’s favorite tidying tip: “Do it right now!”

What sparks joy for Holly: Her baby nephew


  • "My test for buying a new piece of clothing is: Do I want to wear this everyday?”

  • “Space is a vacuum. You don’t get organized by getting a bigger space.”

  • “It’s easy to get overwhelmed by big plans and big ideas, but take action on something small that’s right in front of you.”

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