Ep 90 | The Evolution of Your Authentic Self with Michell Domke

June 25th, 2019 · 23 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

Michell Domke, KonMari Consultant joins us to discuss how we can show up in the world as our authentic self every day.

Today we’ve invited Michell Domke, Ohio’s first KonMari Consultant, to explore authenticity and how we can channel, discover, and work within it during the tidying process. Michell’s currently based in Columbus and she fell in love with creating a life based on joy and wanted to support others in creating joyful lives.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Michell's KonMari story
  • How Michell defines authenticity and how it influences her business and clients
  • Correlations between lack of authenticity and clutter
  • How the question "does it spark joy?" helps us choose what we love without judgement
  • Why it's important to make choices based on the feeling and vision we are trying to achieve rather than logic
  • Tips for those struggling to be confident in their own choices and decision making, including Jenn Davoust's Tune Into You Meditation podcast
  • Why you may want to try not creating a "maybe" pile while you're tidying
  • The one thing KonMari and authenticity have in common
  • How to embrace what you have now

Michell's favorite tidying tip: "Organize last." Withhold the urge to buy before making choices about what to keep/let go

What sparks joy for Michell: Her clients.

To connect with Michell, visit www.michelldomke.com and on Instagram and Facebook.

Mention hearing Michell on Spark Joy in her contact form or on the phone and receive $25 off a virtual KonMari session or $50 off when you book an in person package of three or more sessions.


  • "Clutter really comes from that conflict between who we think we should be and who we actually are."
  • "Authenticity means being true to yourself."
  • "It's an active choice to choose what you love."
  • "Accepting it into your life by choice, not by default, is really important."
  • "Choosing a life of joy is really a radical idea, and it's also one that's worth pursuing."

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