Encore! Ep 131 | Getting Things Done with David Allen

December 22nd, 2020 · 37 mins 21 secs

About this Episode

David Allen, master personal productivity specialist, joins us to explore the intersection between his famous Getting Things Done Method and KonMari.

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. We should be looking toward a world of no problems, only projects.”

After decades of in-the-field research and practice of his productivity methods, David wrote the international best-seller Getting Things Done.
Published in over 28 languages, TIME magazine heralded it as “the defining self-help business book of its time.”

Today, David is considered the leading authority in the fields of organizational and personal productivity. The David Allen Company, run by David and his wife Kathryn, oversees the certification academy and quality standards for Global Partners offering Getting Things Done courses and coaching around the world.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

-David's journey to becoming one of the most important names in increasing productivity

-Learn what the Getting Things Done (GTD) method is all about and how you can use it to increase your productivity and gain more time that spark joy

-Practice with David using the GTD method to something as simple as receiving a wedding invitation

-David has worked from home since the early 1980's and he shares his tips for WFH that sparks joy

-David shares what is meant by "ambient anxiety", an "external brain", and the "two minute rule"

-What are Open Loops and how they impact your productivity

-Find all of David's books and guides here: David Allen on Amazon

-Learn some of David's time honored tips to increase your ability to Get Things Done with joy!

David's favorite productivity tip:
"Your head is for having ideas and not for holding them. Stop using your head as your office."

What sparks joy for David:
David's new video series "Two Minute Tips for Turbulent Times" coming soon.
And, walking his little Cavalier Springer Spaniel in the park!

To connect with David, you can find him at GettingThingsDone.com and on Twitter at GTDGuy

"If you think about something twice, then you are paying it to much attention."

"You have to decide what the thing means to you to decide what to do with it."

"You need a discreet space to do your work, answer your email and focus. It's best if there is no other activity in that space . And, it should be a place where everyone in the home knows you are "on the job" even if you need to put yellow caution tape around your workspace!"

"What has your attention?"

"Your head is for having ideas, not holding them. Stop using your head as your office."

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