Ep 115 | Someday: Aspirational Items and Unfinished Business

January 14th, 2020 · 47 mins 48 secs

About this Episode

Today, we explore the mindset and reasoning behind holding only things because they represent a particular dream, goal, or investment that has been left unfulfilled or incomplete.

We call these items “unfinished business” or “maybe someday items.” Things that represent an ideal, aspiration or a dream that you had about the kind of person you wanted to be.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Learning what unfinished business looks like KonMari category by KonMari Category.

  • Understanding why and how unfinished business accumulates and why it’s so hard to let it go.

  • How the unfinished business in the Clothing category can fill your closet with things that need to be mended, tailored or ironed and what to do about it.

  • We revisit Ep 75 | Exploring the KonMari Book Controversy with Robin Mitchell Cranfield to discuss letting go of unread or unfinished books.

  • Three additional categories of paper to consider.

  • How hobbies and aspirational do it yourself projects can cause us to purchase supplies that are often never used or partially used. These items are classic “maybe someday” items that pile up in drawers and closets.

  • How to use sentimental items so that they are not just hidden in boxes and never appreciated. We encourage you to get creative and either use these items or consider why you are holding onto them.

  • How donations and discards are unfinished business until they are out of your home. Your tidying is not finished until things are on their way to their next life.

  • The importance and value of your time when deciding whether to reduce, reuse or recycle items. This can be a stumbling block toward getting things on their way.

  • A solution! Consider the Five D’s:
    - Do
    - Diminish
    - Delegate
    - Defer
    - Delete

We all have unfinished business. It’s just a part of life!

  • Here are Karin’s:
    • Deciding about some closet storage upgrades. “I can’t decide!"
    • Doing some home maintenance. “There’s always something that needs to be done."
    • Recycling used candle jars.
  • And, Kristyn’s:
    • Photography organization project. “I’m committed to get this done in the next decade.”
    • Recipe compilation project. “My friends want some of my great family recipes!”


  • "When your KonMari tidying journey is over, you’ll have the time, resources, and energy to pursue these passions. So, it’s important to make sure every second of that time counts by filling it with high value activities edited down to just the things you love and intended to complete in your lifetime."
  • "Buying craft supplies can become the hobby. Those yarn and fabric stores are so tempting!"
  • "It’s really ok to decide something is just not for you or maybe what you DID accomplish with a hobby was just the right amount."
  • "What is the point of keeping those things hidden away and could you make a different plan? What are some of the options?"
  • "Sometimes your unfinished business and “someday aspirations can literally stand in between you and your goal of a clutter free lifestyle."
  • "We’re human and it’s ok to make mistakes. We’ve all invested our time, energy, and money on things that didn’t work out for whatever reason. Trial and error is a necessary part of learning, growing and adulting."

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