Ep 125 | Spring Cleaning Joy with Marcela Barraza of MB Green Cleaning

March 24th, 2020 · 27 mins 20 secs

About this Episode

Cleaning X Tidying. Cleaning professional Marcela Barraza joins us to explore the intersection between two essential household tasks that pair well to create a space that sparks joy.

Marcela Barraza is the founder and owner of MB Green Cleaning. She is a graduate of the hospitality administration and hotel management program. After working for an airline for more than 10 years, Marcela started in the cleaning industry in 2004 and she was inspired to switch to “green” cleaning after experiencing a series of maladies, including irritated skin and debilitating migraines, that she traced to the harmful chemicals in the cleaning products she used in her home. She then made it her mission to help others safeguard their environment so they can enjoy the comfort and contentment that comes with a clean and healthy home.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • What led to Marcela’s start in the home cleaning business

  • The idea of Green cleaning and the benefits of going green

  • Learning why cleaning is such a challenge for most people

  • How cleaning and organizing differ and why someone who is well organized may not necessarily be good at cleaning and vice versa!

  • Discovering the cleaning style or schedule that will work best for you

  • Spring cleaning as a way to welcome the season

  • Managing cleaning with children. Teaching them good habits and skills

  • When it makes sense to hire help for your cleaning needs

Marcela's favorite cleaning tip:
“Clean as you go and make sure you have the right tools.”
“Use concentrated products and refillable bottles because they waste less packaging.”

What sparks joy for Marcela
“Being on the Spark Joy Podcast! It’s such a joy to share my passion for green cleaning with others.”

To connect with Marcela, visit her website at MB Green Cleaning. You can find lots of cleaning tips on her blog MB Cleaning Blog and YouTube channel MB Green Cleaning YouTubeand her Instagram:@mbcleaning.

"When deciding which products to use, you have to try several to find the ones that work best for you."

"Cleaning is not a super fun thing to do. It's not like anyone wakes up and says, 'Yea, it's cleaning day!'"

"Asking for help is not a bad thing. It can be anything from a cleaning person every week to just a few times a year."

"Get rid of the clutter first and then do the cleaning. No matter how much time we spend cleaning it won't help is there so much stuff."

"If you commit to only one thing, make your bed every day."

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