Ep 78 | KonMari Your Move Part 2 with Scott Marschall

April 2nd, 2019 · 27 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

Scott Marschall of Morgan Manhattan Moving shares tips and strategies for making your move less stressful. Listen as we combine his years of experience in the moving industry with KonMari principles.

Scott first began at Morgan Manhattan over his high school summers as a moving helper where he fell in love with the industry and its clients.

Following a career in the corporate world, he currently works in operations giving him the opportunity to work closely with all aspects of the company along the 5th generation of the Morgan family.

He says his favorite part is helping customers during some of their most stressful days knowing that they are working with the best, and oldest, moving company in the area.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:
-Learning about the moving industry and how Morgan Manhattan works with families moving in and out of new homes
-The biggest mistakes that people make when they are getting ready to move.
-How professional organizers can help you make your move easier and more efficient.
-Moving Tip: Give yourself enough time. Moving takes time and moving companies get really busy at the end/beginning of the month and holidays.
-The benefits of the KonMari forward looking vision in preparing for a move.
-How to determine if your old things will work in your new home. Really important when thinking about furniture.
-The most rewarding aspects of the moving business: helping families with feeling overwhelmed about a move.

Scott’s favorite moving tip: “Be prepared, give yourself time and be sure you trust the professionals you have hired.”

What Sparks Joy for Scott “The happy families after they move into their new homes and some of the special projects we are involved in that really make a difference in people’s lives. And, I’m training for the NYC Marathon!”

You can reach Scott at Morgan Manhattan: Morgan Manhattan

His email is: smarschall@morganmanhattan.com

“People don’t think about all the stuff they have in all their spaces when they are thinking about how long a move will take.”

“If you aren’t using it now, it’s highly unlikely you will use it in your new home.”

“When in doubt, leave it out.”

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