Ep 82 | KonMari Quick Tips: Spring Tidying!

April 30th, 2019 · 8 mins 45 secs

About this Episode

KonMari Quick Tips! Every few weeks, we dedicate an episode to quick tips around a particular topic requested by a Spark Joy listener.

This week’s KonMari Quick Tips episode is dedicated to Spring Tidying! This is an annual review of your home to address those minor repairs and little improvements that can be made to keep you home and belongings in joyful condition.

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KonMari Quick Tips:
-Tip: Take a tour of your home interior and exterior condition subcategory by subcategory. Inspect the walls for paint touch up, especially the woodwork and doors, which get a lot of dings. Wipe down any fingerprints or splatters.

-Tip: Review the floors and carpets for cleaning needs or repairs, check to see if tiles need repair or re-grouting.

-Tip: Review your plumbing and electrically systems: need some new light bulbs or could you change to higher efficiency bulbs? Could your drains use a good cleaning?

-Tip: Consider all the things in your home that have a filter such as your heating and cooling systems or your humidifiers. The spring is a great time to replace them.

-Tip: Take a look at your furniture and furnishings including your drapes and curtains. Does anything need cleaning or repair? Have you decided that something you once loved no longer sparks joy? Remember your taste and needs change over time and things wear out.

-Tip: Inspect your kitchen cabinets and your overall home storage. Could your shelves benefit from new shelf liners? Do they need a good wipe down?

-Tip: The exterior of your home: Have the gutters cleaned out, paint touched up and windows and doors properly sealed. Consider the springtime activities associated with your landscaping including making sure that your lawnmower and garden tools are clean and in good repair.

-Tip: To get started on the annual project, do a walk through inspection first, making a note of everything that needs action.

-Tip: Make a project plan: Do you need to purchase supplies? Do you need to delegate a task? Enlist your family and friends or look to hire the right professionals. Give yourself a reasonable time line and address each item in turn. A well-maintained home will bring amazing joy to you and your family!

-Tip: Take a look at your Fall and Winter specific items. As always, review by category. Do you have heavy winter clothes, including coats, sweaters, boots or skiwear? Did they bring you joy this winter? Is the future use of these items clear, for example, do you see yourself wearing them again when fall comes? Do they need to be repaired or cleaned?

-Tip: Storing Winter gear: We both believe that all your clothes should be kept together regardless of the season, but for many of us, this is just not practical. It’s fine to pack away your seasonal items if necessary as long as you can say for sure that they spark joy!

-Tip: Getting ready for Summer! Start by revisiting your vision. What are your hopes and aspirations for the upcoming spring and summer? What activities do you see yourself participating in and enjoying? What are your goals for living your best life this spring and summer? When you get your summer wear out, make certain that all your things are clean and ready to be used. Do you have lawn furniture or summer sporting goods to bring out of hiding?

-Tip: Use any outdoor space to do your sorting and joy checking!

-Tip: Bring fresh air inside! Marie Kondo talks about opening the windows and letting the fresh air in everyday. This can be really great during the spring mornings as a way to greet the day.

-Tip: Spring is a great time to bring fresh flowers inside. Treat yourself!

-Tip: After your annual Spring Tidying, invite people over for game nights and barbeques. Plan a capstone event to work towards!

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