Ep 81 | Intuition-based Decision Making + Guided Visualization Exercise with Caitlin V. Neal

April 23rd, 2019 · 46 mins 6 secs

About this Episode

Caitlin V. Neal, sex and relationship coach, helps us tap into the power of intuition when making minor and major decisions about our home and our life.

Our guest, Caitlin V. Neal, is a sex and relationship coach who helps men and women have the best sex of their lives. She’s based in Chicago, and works with clients all over the world on experiencing greater pleasure, knowing exactly what they want, and feeling confident in their relationships. She helps us understand how we can leverage our intuition when visualizing our tidying event and making decisions about what sparks joy.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Caitlin's journey from a Masters in Public Health to sex and relationship coaching

  • How to practice using our intuition to speak to us on various levels while we're making decisions

  • Caitlin's KonMari journey - ways we can use the KonMari Method to unmute our connection with our intuition

  • Why it's so important to not lose track of the joy

  • How to distinguish intuition from stubborn determination

  • How deeply intuition is connected to your overall wellness

Guided Visualization - starts at the [26:33 min.] mark

Caitlin's favorite tidying tip: Tidy in cycles or seasons

What Sparks Joy for Caitlin: Working with a personal trainer

To connect with Caitlin, check out her podcast The Oral Report with new episodes each and every Friday and her YouTube channel viewed by millions youtube.com/caitlinv.

Just for Spark Joy listeners Caitlin is offering a free 30 minute consultation call. You can sign up by heading to bettersexcoach.com and click on “contact” to set up your call.

"Where have you been ignoring your intuition?"

"Intuition is sort of like a friend that you haven't called in a long time...it may be a little hesitant to jump in and start speaking loudly."

"These things that I've accumulated are not the key to my survival. In fact, I am the key to my survival."

"Intuition can speak more loudly in stillness and in quiet."

"Fear is going to exist. Trust is the opposite of fear."

"We are the sum total of the stories we tell about ourselves."

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