Ep 84 | Joyful Living with The Design Twins

May 14th, 2019 · 36 mins 9 secs

About this Episode

Design Twins Heather and Heidi of Joyful Living join us to discuss their TV Show and book filled with interior design tips that spark joy.

As long as they can remember, Heather and Heidi have always had a passion for interior design mixed with a passion of writing. They love to combine these two things to tell the stories of their clients through design.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:
-Learning how Heidi and Heather went from designing jewelry and accessories to their focus on interior design.

-They both have a houseful of little ones! Learn how their kids keep them on their toes and looking for more ways to find joy in the everyday.

-Their shared belief that joy is found in the overall experiences of life, including the good, bad and indifferent, and how this philosophy has helped them in challenging times.

-Finding out more about their TV show on The Design Twins on UpTV!.

-Discuss their new book Joyful Living and listen as they share some great tips on interior design in a busy home: Joyful Living.

-Learn about their favorite storage solutions along with their great and practical design tips.

-Listen as Kristyn finds the perfect accent piece for her home!

Heather and Heidi’s favorite tidying and design tip:

-Use fresh scents with candles, home sprays or fresh herbs to brings a peaceful mood to your kitchen.
-Don’t be afraid to use color and use it purposefully!
-And, the Roomba is magically!

What sparks joy for Heather and Heidi:
-Their children are their greatest joy, of course!
-Exploring their talents and stepping out of their comfort zone has brought both of them great opportunities in their home and business life. Be yourself!

To connect with The Design Twins, visit www.joyfullivingco.com and find them on Facebook.

Heather and Heidi are offering a discount on their Joyful Living book! Use coupon code “sparkjoy” for 20% off their Joyful Living book found on JoyfulLivingco.com.

“Recognizing that the journey is what living joyfully is all about. Experience the moment.”

“Outer organization creates inner peace.”

“With kids, you can either learn to laugh or cry at times. And laughing is always a greater success.”

“The more you engage, the less chaos there will be.”

“Amplify white in a room as the wall color for a great way to lighten up a space.”

“Bringing living things into your home make an enormous difference.”

You can find Karin Socci at The Serene Home
You can find Kristyn Ivey at For the Love of Tidy