Ep 85 | KonMari Approved Storage Solutions

May 21st, 2019 · 54 mins 59 secs

About this Episode

Co-hosts Kristyn and Karin share KonMari inspired storage solutions and tools you can use to uplevel your space and honor the things you love.

We chat about how to store and organize after you’ve completed your KonMari Tidying Journey one signature clutter category at a time.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

Joy Checks
-Karin is speaking at the invitation of Eli Lily and Co. during the
ASCO International Conference

-Kristyn has committed to writing 30 blog posts in 30 days as one of her Tidy Mastermind goals. Connect via fortheloveoftidy.com to follow her progress

-Review the importance of tidying by category instead of location in Spark Joy Ep 9 | Tidying by Location is a Fatal Mistake

KonMari Storage Tips
-Organize items that spark joy so they are visible within a designated space
-Things are stored so that they are easy to put away and easy to get out
-Storage should bring you a sense of order and calm
-Reuse and repurpose wherever possible. Shop your home
-Save your bins and baskets until you’ve joy checked the very last item
-Storage is fluid
-Reduce visual clutter

KonMari Tidy Tools
-Your calendar
-The Tidy Home Joy Journal - Join The Spark Joy Club to receive your copy and exclusive access to the SJC community
-Your Vision (see Spark Joy Ep 5 | How to Visualize Your Ideal Lifestyle and Living Environment
-Trash bags: Glad Large Drawstring Recycling Bags
-The Spark Joy podcast! Listen while you tidy!
-Label Remover
-Tape measure

Clothing Category Storage
-Principles of KonMari clothes hanging:
-Rise to the right
-Lighter, shorter, more delicate things on the right
-Heavy, longer, darker things toward the left
-Always, like things go together

-Hanger options:
-Velvet Hangers
-Wooden hangers

-Bins for clothing storage:
-Bins for open shelving to create drawers
-Underbed Storage
Note: Following Feng Shui principles can be done if you are so inclined, so be sure to review our episode Ep 71 | Feng Shui with Master Laura Cerrano
-Future donation bag/box

-Three closet essentials:
-Step Stool
-Trash Can

-Drawers for clothing storage:
-Soft Sided Boxes
-Drawer Dividers

Books Category Storage
-For a review of how to sort books head over to Spark Joy Ep 75 | Exploring the KonMari Book Controversy with Robin Mitchell

-Book Ends**

Paper Category Storage
-For a review of the three types of KonMari paper categories, go to Spark Joy
Ep 45 | KonMari Paper Category: Cutting Paper Clutter

-Tools for paper storage:
-Locking File Box
-Fun File Folders
-Label Maker
-Slice Precision Cutter
-Fireproof Box

-Virtual paper storage

Komono Category Storage
-Spark Joy listener Angela submitted a question about managing charging stations and office items:

“I’m starting this journey but the area that bothers me the most is how to organize an office/charging area. These both tend to lend way to the kitchen for ease of use and accessibility. We are a family of five so we have a lot of devices.
How would you suggest maintaining an area in the kitchen that could mainstream both of these purposes (paperwork and device charge/overnight storage) without cluttering the counters?”

-Cord solutions:
-Kitchen: Mesh Stackable Shelves
-Kitchen: Shelf Liners
-Kitchen: SCUBB Ikea Boxes

-Toiletries: Kristyn's favorite Soap Dispenser and Soap Refill
-Make up: Acrylic Makeup Organizer
-Holiday decor: wrapping paper holder and ornament holder

Sentimental Category Storage
-The importance of making your sentimental storage thoughtful, meaningful and safe
-Milestone Binder - Full "how to" video available with Spark Joy Club membership
-Review methods for digitizing your sentimental items in Spark Joy Ep 55 | Digitizing Sentimental Items

-"We want you be more mindful of the things you’re keeping before jumping into finding the perfect place for your things to be stored. Stuff over storage."

-"Storage should bring you a sense of order and calm, whatever that means for you."

-"Their real joy is based on being able to see them and to acknowledge what they represent to us."

-"Is this a chance to highlight your legacy, who would be happier if I keep this?'

-"In some ways, the organizing step is really the most fun and it serves as your reward for all of the hard work joy checking and editing that will takes place in your home."

You can find Karin Socci at The Serene Home
You can find Kristyn Ivey at For the Love of Tidy