Ep 98 | The KonMari Twins! Meet the Staub Sisters of Clarity Home Detox in Switzerland

August 20th, 2019 · 42 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

Eliette and Marieke Staub of Clarity Home Detox join us to discuss the joy of tidying and their role as official lecturers and educators for KonMari Media, Inc.

Eliette and Marieke Staub are Swiss twin sisters and founders of Clarity Home Detox. In the Summer of 2016, they took part in the first ever KonMari certification course outside of Japan. The twins are both master level consultants as well as official lecturers and educators for KonMari Media Inc. Eliette and Marieke live mindful, and joyful lives respectively in Geneva and Lausanne in Switzerland.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

-Learn how they both discovered KonMari and their journeys toward becoming KonMari Consultants

-How KonMari was life changing for both of them and the dramatic changes that led to their decision to become business partners.

-How their business got underway, the amount of work involved and how their underlying desire to help others propelled them forward.

-The principles of KonMari that they believe are the most important in their practice.

-Hear about the differences in European homes when it comes to practicing KonMari.

-And, the challenges of working as a KonMari consultants in Switzerland.

-Why seeking help from a KonMari consultant can actually create a greater measure of efficiency and produced a more satisfying result.

-Our episode 94, KonMari Quick Tips: KonMari Lite, we discuss the importance of ongoing joy checking.

-The twins discuss what it’s like to train potential consultants in their work with KonMari Media, Inc.

-Hear what they believe are the primary factors in becoming a good KonMari Consultant. And, you can review episode 33, How to Become a KonMari Consultant

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Favorite Tidying Tips:
-Remember to first focus on sorting before you begin to think about organizing. Focus on what sparks joy for you. Be patient!

-And, when you have completed KonMari, consider buying less in the future. Invest in yourself instead of things.

What sparks joy for Eliette and Marieke:

-The trust that their clients give them by allowing them to enter their lives.

-The Twins are also excited that they will be speaking at a TEDx presentation in Switzerland later this year. It’s a big honor!

Final Words of Wisdom:
“Just take it easy, move forward and never try to be perfect.”

“I knew that my life was forever changed.”

“The method is not just about organization, but about choosing joy.”

“What you surround yourself with really defines your life.”

“It’s never perfection, it’s always progress and we each define the steps toward progress for ourselves.”

“Empathy is the most important ingredient in becoming a successful KonMari consultant.”

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