Ep 94 | KonMari Quick Tips: How to KonMari Lite

July 23rd, 2019 · 11 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

Today’s Quick Tips episode will focus on a strategy for post-tidy maintenance we call KonMari Lite.

The beauty of Marie Kondo’s Method is your KonMari tidying event, when executed properly, gets you to a place where you are surrounded by only the things that spark joy. So what happens when down the road your joy changes? Your maintenance strategy may be in need of a KonMari Lite. Today we’ll walk through scenarios where KonMari Lite is appropriate after your initial tidying journey comes to an end and how to approach this transition.

Note: We also discuss tidying maintenance in Spark Joy episode 41: How to Maintain a Tidy Home Post-KonMari

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The strategies we cover are advanced, and should only be applied once you’ve reached a click point in your home. Everything has a place. Everything that crosses the threshold of your home sparks joy for you and you are a confident decision maker. This one of the many reasons why it’s so important to implement KonMari quickly and all at once the first round. As months or even years go by before completing the next clutter category vision may become a moving target and you may be at risk of taking two steps forward three steps back.

Are you just getting started with your tidying journey? Head over to Spark Joy Episode 1: KonMari 101 for the fundamentals.

Reasons why you may need to KonMari Lite

KonMari Quick Tips:

  1. Keep tidying up on your radar by engaging with the tidying up community.
  2. KonMari your existing vision
  3. Take an overall joy inventory by category to determine which category of items are in most urgent need of a joy check
  4. Evaluate what sparks joy?
  5. If at any time during this process you feel like you’ve reached a tidying plateau, reach out to a KonMari Consultant (See: Spark Joy Episode 49 why hire a KonMari Consultant

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