Ep 137 | Meet 1/3 of the First KonMari Podcast in Spanish, guest Luīze Ratniece

June 16th, 2020 · 25 mins 24 secs

About this Episode

Luīze Ratniece, KonMari Consultant, introduces us to Orden a Tres [Order by Three], the first podcast dedicated to the KonMari Method in Spanish.

Luīze Ratniece is Latvian, and she’s lived in Spain for more than 10 years. She holds a PhD in sociology and is a textile sustainability activist. She wanted to be a fashion designer as a child, and is now channeling that wish through professional organization, ideal wardrobe workshops, and clothing
swaps. Luīze is a fellow KonMari consultant, certified since 2019 and ⅓ of the first podcast dedicated to the KonMari method in Spanish: Orden a Tres [Order by Three].

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Luīze's KonMari journey
  • The benefits of being in conscious relationship with the objects around us
  • Why Luīze enjoyed Marie Kondo's book "Spark Joy" over her debut best seller "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up."
  • The KonMari book controversy, addressed in Spark Joy Ep 75
  • How Luīze practices extreme empathy when working with our clients
  • How KonMari and professional organization is received in Spain
  • Luīze's KonMari podcast Orden a Tres - "Order by Three" in Spanish

Luīze's favorite tidying tip:
Nothing beats finding a place for each thing.
and KonMari Lite, also referenced in Spark Joy Ep 94

What sparks joy for Luīze:
Launching an app for wardrobe tracking.

To connect with Luīze Ratniece, you can find her at Un Armario Verde. Check out her podcast Orden a Tres.

"Bringing the 'keeping what sparks joy' logic into our lives beyond the very immediate object."

"We are now looking into creating more synergies among the spanish speaking [KonMari] Consultants and exploring this cultural richness that we can access thanks to a common language."

"There is no better way to make your wardrobe more sustainable than wearing what you have."

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