Ep 15 | Men KonMari Too with Doug Marshall

December 5th, 2017 · 37 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

Doug Marshall hesitated to start tidying his closet, but immediately noticed profound changes taking place in his life as he moved through his KonMari tidying event.

Our guest, Doug Marshall, is an entertainment and lifestyle writer, on-camera host, and social media content strategist. He recently had an article published in Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine on how to KonMari your closet and participated in a follow-on TV segment with Fox9 in the Twin Cities.

Doug is a Spark Joy fan who KonMari’d his closet over 10 days in preparation for a big move from New York to Minneapolis. The impact the process had on his life still shines through his spirit and he sparks joy by continuing to share his story via media outlets, blogs and social media.

In this episode, we discuss KonMari from the male perspective, how Doug KonMari'd his closet over ten days and the impact the process had on his life. We talk about ways to get over the initial hurdle of getting started, and some physical and emotional challenges to anticipate. We also discuss how Doug has attracted opportunities to continue to share his closet transformation, which has inspired others to let go.

To connect with Doug, you can find him on Instagram @theworldofdoug or visit him at www.theworldofdoug.com.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • How Doug went from saying "I will never do that [KonMari]" to writing a blog article about the impact the tidying process and appearing on Fox 9's The Jason Show

  • How the KonMari Method helped Doug move from New York to Minneapolis

  • The highs and lows of executing KonMari in the span of 10 days

  • How Doug's body reacted to anxiety related to preparing for the decluttering process

  • How Doug related to Marie Kondo's use of organization to feel safe in a world she had no control over

  • How by examining his relationship to what stayed made room for Doug's style to be revealed to him

  • How Doug's shopping habits are way more deliberate post-KonMari

  • How Doug's husband reacted to his tidying quest

  • How Doug attracted opportunities that helped him establish his voice

  • How KonMari serves as a gateway to new beginnings and creative projects

What sparks joy for Doug: "Opportunities like this!"


"I'm a big believer that if you put something out into the universe, the universe shows up for you."

"I trust her [Marie Kondo], I can do this."

"There was so much stuff in my closet that wasn't sparking joy, that I couldn't see the stuff that did."

"By the time I got rid of what didn't spark joy, my style revealed itself to me."

"I don't buy anything in a store now if it doesn't spark joy."

"I want to feel clean, free, grounded, and on time."

"Whatever you get rid of will come back to you in a different form."

"My mind is more clear and I'm open and available for more opportunities."

"There is literally nothing in my life right now that does not spark joy."

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