Ep 14 | From Chaos to Calm with Christine O'Brien

November 28th, 2017 · 26 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

Christine O'Brien's mission is to help mom's create calm and joyful lives.

A Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach and KonMari enthusiast with over a decade of experience, Christine coaches women to create home environments that support harmony and connection.

Christine coaches from the heart, using joy as a guide and her clients find so much peace in having less, doing less, and editing their lives and their homes with intention.

In this episode, Christine will share her unique approach in helping moms find their own path in creating an intention-filled life. Christine transformed her space with the support of her husband and their young, spirited daughter.

You can follow Christine on her website, Creating Calm Coach, on Facebook at Christine O'Brien Coach or on Instagram @creatingcalmcoach. Download her Free Creating Calm Checklist.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Christine’s private Facebook group community, KonMari Method: Life-changing Magic for anyone working through the KonMari tidying process

  • Christine’s virtual consulting program, From Chaos to Calm, which consists of group and individual support for making joyful transitions

  • How Christine combines two powerful schools of thought to inform the way she supports moms to relax into full presence with their children: Simplicity Parenting and the KonMari Method

  • Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

  • Re-occurring KonMari related pain points that may sound familiar:
    1) feeling too overwhelmed to start, 2) getting stuck at some point in the middle of the process, and 3) uncertainty regarding doing KonMari with a family

  • How to guide a family through the process and how to find the joy click-point when you have growing kids

  • How speaking to your items can “soften” and facilitate letting them go

  • How focusing on the positive and the joy can apply to your vision for fitness and diet

  • Learning about Brene Brown , who says that gratitude creates Joy

Christine’s favorite tidying tip:
“Tune in to your intuition and trust your joy checks.”

What sparks joy for Christine:
Her family and the transformation she has witnessed as a result of this process. She’s joyful about sharing this way of living!


“The toys she’s interested in change all the time.”

“As you get more in tune with what brings you joy, more space develops for experiencing joy.”

“Put your oxygen mask on first and make sure you complete your tidying first before you move on to your children.”

“Different personalities come out for display when you do KonMari with a family.”

“What? Talk to my clothes? Say thank you and goodbye?!”

“The process is about connection and not perfection.”

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