Ep 44 | Sell Your Clutter Part III: Virtual Estate Sales with Everything But the House

July 3rd, 2018 · 25 mins 25 secs

About this Episode

Part 3 of 3. Jacquie Denny and Brian Graves introduce us to the world of virtual estate sales, a global marketplace of sellers and bidders acquiring and letting go of their belongings at fair market value.

Today’s episode of Spark Joy is Part 3 of a three part series dedicated to Selling Your Clutter. What do you do with those items that no longer spark joy? We’re dedicating three episodes to how to make your clutter pay you back.

Everything But the House is the world’s premier online estate sale and consignment marketplace. Through a global community of buyers and sellers, EBTH has transformed the traditional consignment and estate sale model while preserving its fundamental charm: the thrill of discovering something special.

Our guests Jacquie Denny and Brian Graves co-founded Everything But the House in 2008. As Chief Development Officer, Jacquie brings 20 years of experience at the helm of a Cincinnati-based estate sale business called Sorting It Out. As Chief Learning Officer, Brian uses his extensive knowledge of history, auctioneering, and antique valuation and authentication to help maximize value for EBTH clients.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • How Everything But the House has transformed the estate sale process for those going through a minor or major life transition

  • The birth of EBTH from 20 years of estate sale experience where customers needed a partner through the process as well as a way facilitate sales in an accessible, efficient way

  • The growth of EBTH’s virtual reach from 300 bidders to over 1,000,000 worldwide

  • Options for in-person consultations with the EBTH team in the following cities: Baltimore, Washington, DC, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Columbus, and Dallas

  • How EBTH determines present market value as compared to retail value, while managing client’s expectations

  • What happens to the few items that don't sell

  • How all bids on EBTH start at $1

  • Unique items that EBTH has sold, including a Cessna, a Tiny House, and various historical memorabilia

  • The difference between vintage, antiques, and collectables

  • How to list an item via sell.ebth.com

“We have the largest generation in history, downsizing at the same time.”

“Keep what has a place in either your home or your heart.”

“[EBTH] is this ecosystem that allows everyone to engage and discover something that’s rare and unique to them."

"Photograph it as though there isn’t a description and describe it as though there isn’t a photograph.”

What Sparks Joy for Jacquie and Brian:
Brian: A job that he didn’t expect to have, but one he has fallen in love with. He enjoys taking the burden of too much stuff away from families.
Jacquie: The joy of meeting families at a point of stress and helping them pivot to a place where they can begin to move on.

Jacquie and Brian's parting words of wisdom:
Jacquie: “Give grace. We all need grace.”
Brian: "Focus on what’s important in life.”

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