Ep 60 | Joyful Interior Design with Laurel Bern Interiors

October 23rd, 2018 · 18 mins 56 secs

About this Episode

Laurel Bern, award winning New York Interior Designer and blogger, shares important and joyful considerations when decorating your home.

After 21 years as the principal designer in her firm Laurel Bern Interiors, she has turned her focus to blogging as a full-time occupation. Her award winning blog, Laurel Home has drawn a large following due to her candid style of writing, useful information and warm community of readers.

In addition to designing and blogging, Laurel has authored four helpful online interior design guides, for professionals and design enthusiasts alike.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:
Learn how Laurel got started in the design business.

  • Hear what Laurel sees as the major change in the design business over the last 20 years.

  • Laurel shares how the usual approach to designing your home can be a real “minefield.”

  • Find out more about Laurel’s Design Guides, including her indispensable shopping guide, “Laurel’s Rolodex”- Laurel Bern's Design Guides

  • Hear about some of the most important considerations when decorating your home.

  • Discover Laurel’s love of blogging and how her blogging audience has grown over the last six years:
    Laurel Bern Interiors Blog

  • Hear Laurel’s suggestions for how to develop your own eye for a design style that you love and that works for your home.

  • Find out about the importance of balance in designing your home.

Laurel's favorite tidying tip: Hire a professional! :)

What sparks joy for Laurel: “The art of classical ballet. I even take ballet lessons and absolutely love going to performances.”

To connect with Laurel, reach her directly on her website, Laurel Bern Interiors, where you can subscribe to her blog and check out her design community.. and even send her a question!

Laurel is on Pinterest at Laurel Bern on Pinterest

“I get calls from people who have just bought a couch and can’t get it up the stairs.”

“We don’t live in museums.”

"Things like scale, shape, color, proportion… it’s like a puzzle. All these things work together.”

“I had some professional organizers come to my house and it was the best thing I ever did. It’s a completely different skill!”

“I’ve seen some beautiful design ruined by too much clutter.”

"Picking a color shouldn't be the first thing you do. It might even be the last decision you should make."

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