Ep 93 | Imagination Creates Reality with Jerry Emeka

July 16th, 2019 · 35 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

Who do you have to be in order to live a clutter free life? Guest Jerry Emeka joins us to share how to harness imagination and creativity while letting go of limiting beliefs.

Jerry Emeka is a keynote speaker, performer and facilitator who enjoys lighting a spark in people’s eyes. He helps you conceive the man or woman that you’re truly here to be and realize that in order to make a change in the world you must first reimagine your conception of self and hold that as if it has already happened.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Jerry's path to public speaking, which included acting, singing, dog walking, and more!
  • How to become aware of how much you imagine and how to use your imagination to create your reality
  • How to imagine yourself in a tidy space:
    1. Know what it is that you want
    2. Devise a scene that implies that the desire is fulfilled
    3. Every night, replay the scene that implies the wish is fulfilled to program your subconscious mind
  • How Jerry used imagination to manifest his dream home
  • How to be aware of imposter syndrome and let go of limiting beliefs
  • Imposter syndrom core competencies
    1. The perfectionist
    2. The Superwoman/man
    3. The Natural Genius
    4. The Soloist
    5. The Expert
  • How to check in with how awesome you are! To connect with Jerry, visit www.jerryemeka.com .

If you want to make the

What sparks joy for Jerry: His two-year-old son


  • "Even before you can have a thought, you have to imagine something."
  • "There's not one thing that exist in this world that wasn't first imagined."
  • "It is within before it is with out."
  • "Do these beliefs that I hold actually spark joy in my life?"
  • "Who would you have to be in order to live a clutter free life?"
  • "There's no way you got to this point in life had you not been an awesome person."
  • You can't just take actions coming out of a place of fear because you are only going to perpetuate more of the thing that you don't like."
  • "Reimagine who you are and step into that reality and let that objectively show up for others to see."

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