Ep 152 | Member Spotlight: Using KonMari Tools with Jennyfer Vargas-Fernandez

September 29th, 2020 · 32 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

Spark Joy Club member Jennyfer Vargas-Fernandez joins us from Texas to share her KonMari journey.

We’re shining the light on all of the tidying progress our Club members have made while listening to Spark Joy Podcast and leaning on the community.

Jennyfer Vargas-Fernandez has been a member of The Spark Joy Club since January 2020 and has worked with a KonMari Consultant in Houston, Texas.

Her goal in joining The Club was to finish her KonMari tidying journey, once and for all.

Jennyfer is a Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse in The Woodlands, Texas. She is currently working on her Master of Science degree in Nursing Administration.

She is married with two daughters ages 9 and 2. She enjoys spending time with her family, bike riding, and singing.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • What motivated Jennyfer to get tidy
  • How Jennyfer managed her family, KonMari event and work on the front lines of the pandemic
  • The most important tools Jennyfer depended on while completing her tidying festival
  • Why hiring a KonMari Consultant to meet her mid-way through her journey worked out very well for Jennyfer! She worked with Ashley and Jane at Simply Maven. Ashley is featured in Episode 69 of Spark Joy
  • Jennyfer's favorte episodes of Spark Joy: 69, 74, and 131.

Jennyfer’s favorite tidying tip:
“Do it now!”

What's sparking the most joy for Jennyfer:
“Riding my new bike!”

Parting words of wisdom:
“Don’t be hard on yourself. Go ahead and get that help!”

“We just filled everything up and said GO GO GO!”
“I had a closet full of clothes that I had just never worn before... it was quite a shock to put it all on the bed and see how much was there.”
“I renamed my junk drawer to my everything drawer because of Kristyn!”
“What really kept me going was the influence it had on my kids.”

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