Ep 157 | KonMari Quick Tips: Your Burning Tidying Questions

November 3rd, 2020 · 16 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

We asked the members of the The Spark Joy Club to send us their burning tidying questions and respond they did!

The Spark Joy Club is home to over 200 tidiers in the process of organizing their own home and finding joy in all aspects of their lives. They are our own tidying laboratory and we all find solutions to so many issues we all share along the way.

We want to hear from you. Tell us your burning tidying questions or share stories about how KonMari has impacted your life.

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Spark Joy Club member Question #1
Katie Grosskopf asks: “Tips for when you get stalled or stuck in the tidying process- how do I jump start my momentum!”

Vision is key and we discuss this all the way back in Spark Joy podcast Ep | 5 How to Visualize Your Ideal Lifestyle and Living Environment

Planning is ALSO key and We discuss this in Spark Joy podcast Ep | 73 How to Plan Your KonMari Tidying Journey

Spark Joy Club member Question #2
Rosemary J. writes: “I'd like some quick win ideas, to something short and sweet and easy to finish.”

We call this sorting the low hanging fruit. Those categories or subcategories are ones that you can accomplish quickly to give yourself an enthusiasm boost. Take a listen for our tips on how to accomplish a quick win.

Spark Joy Club member Question #3
Paige Adelle asks: “I'm interested in how to joy-check furniture. Do I move it? Do I take everything off my shelves? Do I leave furniture in sets or do one item at a time?”

For the most part, consider the use of the room and whether the furniture in that room supports it.

Does the furniture in your dining area support nourishment and family gathering? Or is it just in the way? We discuss how to tidy the Komono category of furniture.

Spark Joy Club member Question #4
Melinda Nina De J writes: “How do we gift experiences instead of things when many places are closed for Covid?”

We discussed some options for safety during the summer, and many of them do apply all year round. Check out Spark Joy podcast Ep 139 KonMari Quick Tips: Safe Summer Fun 2020

Spark Joy Club member Question #5
Christine Mundis writes: “Holiday decorations! I tend to hold onto decorations I’m no longer using, just in case. How do I sort holiday decorations?”

This Komono category is very closely attached to the sentimental category, so we suggest considering this category of seasonal items adjacent to sentimental. Listen for more tips on this subcategory.

Thank you to all our Spark Joy Club members who submitted questions! If we didn’t get to yours on the podcast, keep tuning in and follow our journey in The Spark Joy Club.

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