Ep 62 | Leaving the Past Behind Toward a Goal Focused KonMari Future with Marina Wakil

November 6th, 2018 · 25 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

Marina Wakil hired Karin to help her execute an intense tidying event for her studio apartment in NYC to make room for her to pursue her passion for culinary studies and journalism.

Our guest, Marina Wakil, is a college student at NYU and a recent culinary school graduate. She lives in NYC, by way of Venezuela and Miami, in a modern apartment on the Upper West Side. She’s 20 years old and she’s an aspiring food journalist or maybe a food policy writer. While on vacation last summer, she made a decision to reorganize her entire apartment with a KonMari Consultant to meet her changing goals and her upcoming academic plans.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • The moment Marina reached out to Karin and made the commitment to tidy her NY studio apartment with a KonMari Consultant within a period of three weeks prior to starting at NYU
  • How Marina found a KonMari Consultant after her mom introduced her to KonMari style organizing
  • How setting a specific, clear goal date helped Marina stay focused and purpose driven
  • How walking into to the process with a high level vision of what she wanted helped Marina remain intentional when 1) completing homework assignments 2) donating/selling/consigning things quickly
  • How Marina remained mindful, even though she was executing her tidying event at a rapid pace
  • How she creating themes within her closet and her kitchen to align with the things she loves to do
  • The most difficult category Marina had to tidy
  • How the KonMari signature folding technique made a lasting impact on Marina

Marina's favorite tidying tip: Everything you fold, fold it into rectangles!; Check in by asking yourself "Why?" to see if the chaos is attributable to your home or inherent to you.
What sparks joy for Marina: Winters in New York


  • "When my apartment is hectic, I'm hectic."
  • "I really just wanted to come to a place where I was really happy with where I was living and that the environment allowed me to create the way I wanted to and be focused."
  • "It's so beautiful to honor the things you have by giving them a space and giving them place in your home."
  • "If it's there, it has a purpose."
  • "I was taking advantage of the space I was at, as opposed letting it take over me."
  • "This is an object, but it still kind of has it's own little life of it's own."
  • "My clutter taught me how many things I'd been emotionally holding onto that I hadn't been ready to let go up until that point."
  • "My clutter taught me more about myself because it was a reflection of where I was at that time."
  • "Our spaces are so much a reflection of us and who we are as people at the time in which we are inhabiting them."
  • "Find what makes you happy and believe in yourself!"

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