Ep 112 | KonMari Quick Tips: Mindful Shopping and Gift Giving

November 26th, 2019 · 14 mins 33 secs

About this Episode

Today’s Quick Tips episode will prepare you for the busiest shopping days of the year by shifting your focus on mindful shopping and gift giving.

Before listening to this mindful shopping and gift giving episode, please note, this one may not apply to you this season.

If you are actively managing your finances and shopping habits, head over to Spark Joy Episode 31 with Dr. Benson, as an alternative. In that episode we explore the intersection of KonMari and shopping. In the show notes, Dr. Benson shares a great quiz that can help you flag any unhealthy shopping behaviors that could be weighing you down.

KonMari Quick Tips:

  • Ask yourself the following question before you make your next purchase:

    • Why am I here?
    • How do I feel?
    • Do I need this?
    • Can I wait?
    • How will I pay for it?
    • Where will I put it?
  • Step 1: Have a vision and refer to it regularly.

  • Step 2: Shop your home first.

  • Step 3: Be present when buying presents. Recommended Gift: Spark Joy Club Membership!

  • Step 4: Buy nothing.

  • Step 5: Have fun!

Kristyn's Shopping List:

Karin's Shopping List:

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