Ep 51 | Five Minutes to Fearless with Kay "Ideaignator" Richardson

August 21st, 2018 · 28 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

Kay “Ideaignitor” Richardson shares how to gain confidence and overcome shyness no matter what you’re working towards.

Our guest, Kay "Ideaignitor" Richardson describes herself as an ordinary girl from South Florida, but her career has been anything but ordinary.

Kay built her first successful businesses in her 20's as an ergonomics consultant and occupational therapist. As a self proclaimed shy person, Kay realized that success was not about just being good about something, she knew she would have to do more than just good, she had to learn to overcome her fears and learn to promote herself with confidence.

She’s the owner of Clients Who Say Yes as a coach and trainer and hosts the Five Minutes to Fearless podcast. She’s also the author of the book, What a Woman’s Gotta Do.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:
-How Kay made the transition from an occupational therapist and ergonomics consultant to business marketing and client development coaching.

-The shyness that Kay experienced in her early life.. and how she has been able to overcome it and now is able to speak in front of hundreds of people!

-Real life stories about overcoming fear by reaching back into their past.

-Practical steps to moving past fear in order to becoming more successful in your business.

-How to address our tendency to second-guess ourselves.

-Kay’s ergonomic tips!

  • You must a good ergonomic adjustable chair.
  • Red light-green light method
  • Don’t have your monitor too high
  • Always try to be hands free, especially with your phone.

-Kay’s ergonomic chart! Get the great chart Kay spoke about here:
Kay’s Ergonomic Chart

-Listen to Kay’s podcast: Five Minutes to Fearless on Apple

-Read Kay’s book: What a Woman’s Gotta Do

What sparks joy for Kay today:
“Having the opportunity to help individuals with really simple tips to work through their fears so they can tidy up their homes…and their space can be awesome! Working with entrepreneurs who are ready to step into it and not allow fear to interfere with making their way into the world. And my two handsome men!”

Final words of wisdom:
“Wake up and take action!”

You can reach Kay at: Clients Who Say Yes

She's on Instagram at: Ideaignator on Instagram and on FaceBook: Ideas to Income on Facebook

Kay has a special offer, just for Spark Joy listeners! She is providing a free coaching consultation by emailing her with the subject line: Spark Joy Podcast Moving Past the Fear here: Kay’s Coaching Offer

“The more you grow the more you will come back to (fear.) But if you have an idea about where it comes from the more you will be able to change the story.”

“That bold move to transform everything that’s there and create something new.”

“Are you not feeling good enough or worthy or capable of making this happen?”

“There are things in our pasts that are keeping us from being who we are meant to be.”

“What will make them say “Yes” to you?”

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