Ep 77 | KonMari Your Move Part I with Becky May

March 26th, 2019 · 28 mins 33 secs

About this Episode

Becky May, fellow KonMari Consultant, helps us explore the best ways to make your next moving experience spark joy.

In this episode, we explore the very necessary task that everyone loves to hate - Moving. We invited certified KonMari Consultant Becky May to help you make your next move organized and stress free.

Becky is based in San Francisco, where she runs her business, Tidy With Becky. She loves helping people tidy the clutter that weighs on their homes and minds, so they can live lightly.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Becky's KonMari journey across the pond
  • Becky's personal moving experiences
  • How you can tweak the KonMari process to smooth your move
  • What moving and KonMari have in common
  • Why it's so important to honor this significant moment in your life with your time and attention
  • The importance of leaning on the KonMari categories to reduce overwhelm and stay true to the process
  • How to make the unpacking process more joyful while you take time to get to know your new space
  • What to do when something doesn't quite fit your new space
  • How much time you need to KonMari before a move

Becky's favorite tidying tip: Keep your moving boxes to use as temporary storage.

What Sparks Joy for Becky: Having a home that's a sanctuary that she shares with her husband.

To connect with Becky May visit, tidywithbecky.com . Becky has an online tidying program called The Tidy Home Program


  • "KonMari had really given me the courage to listen to my intuition in all areas of life."
  • "KonMari, when it comes to moving, turns it away from being a daunting experience to a joyful one."
  • "Everyone wants a tidy life, but for lots of people it's only when they're moving that they actually confront their stuff."
  • "The blank canvas of a new home really lets people open up about 'what do I dream of creating in this new phase of my life?'"
  • "The hope is that you're excited to unpack on the other end of your move because you know that there's no clutter that's followed you into your new phase of life."
  • It's a lot easier to unpack when you know you just have things that bring you joy."
  • "What role did this item play in my last home? What does it mean in this new space?"
  • "Moving house does not have to be stressful."

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