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Hosted by KonMari Consultants: Kristyn Ivey and Karin Socci

About the show

Welcome to Spark Joy, co-hosted by certified KonMari Consultants Kristyn Ivey and Karin Socci. Spark Joy is the podcast dedicated to celebrating the KonMari Method and the transformative power of surrounding yourself with joy; and letting go of the all the rest.

Made popular by Marie Kondo, author of the bestselling book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, the KonMari Method is a revolutionary professional organizing technique and way of life. Join us as we explore the world of KonMari and how the method impacts your home, health, wealth, family and well being.

Each week Spark Joy engages thought leaders and innovators in the KonMari universe. We share our experiences as KonMari Consultants, working with clients from all walks of life: families, empty nesting folks downsizing, young people setting up their first homes, and others. Look forward to practical tidy tips that will help you execute your own KonMari journey with ease and joy.

Spark Joy wants to hear from you! Tell us your burning tidying questions or share stories about how KonMari has impacted your life. Find us at, email us at to leave a question or comment for a chance to be featured on next week’s show. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter via @sparkjoypodcast.Thanks for tuning in, and we hope your day sparks joy!

NOTE: Spark Joy the podcast is not endorsed by or affiliated with KonMari Media, Inc. The opinions expressed on the show's episodes represent the views of the co-hosts and guests alone, and do not represent the corporate position of KonMari Media, Inc or the KonMari consultant community.

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  • Ep 20 | Hot Mess Organizers: From Client to Consultant with Alex Erickson

    January 16th, 2018  |  39 mins 29 secs
    alex erickson, apartment, change, entrepreneur, konmari, konmari consultants, life decisions, marie kondo, marriage, new york, organization, tidying

    Karin's client, Alex Erickson, found a new career path amongst his clutter and is now a practicing KonMari Consultant trainee.

  • Ep 19 | Don't Forget to Breathe with Dr. Melva Green

    January 9th, 2018  |  41 mins 31 secs
    breathing room, decluttering, for the love of tidy, hoarders, konmari, konmari consultants, konmari method, marie kondo, melva green, organization, podcast, spark joy, the serene home, tidying

    Dr. Melva Green, author, psychiatrist, and spiritual healer as seen on A&E's hit show “Hoarders” discusses the importance of making breathing room as you declutter mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Ep 18 | Life KPIs: Measure What Matters with Patty Morrissey

    January 2nd, 2018  |  44 mins
    ben franklin circle, konmari, konmari consultants, life key performance indicators, life kpis, marie kondo, organization, patty morrissey, tidying

    Patty Morrissey, KonMari Consultant, shows us how to start the year defining and tracking success on our own terms by combining the power of KonMari, Ben Franklin Circles, and life key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Encore! Ep 1 | KonMari 101

    December 26th, 2017  |  49 mins 59 secs
    basics, categories, family, folding, for the love of tidy, home, home organization, japan, joy, karin socci, konmari, konmari consultants, konmari method, kristyn ivey, marie kondo, organization, podcast, spark joy, the serene home, tidying

    An encore presentation of our most popular episode. Spark Joy co-hosts and KonMari Consultants, Karin and Kristyn, talk KonMari basics.

  • Ep 17 | Best of 2017: Joyful Show Highlights

    December 19th, 2017  |  41 mins 34 secs
    business, clients, clutter, discarding, family, fear, finance, future, hoarding, holidays, home, homelife, japan, joy, komono, kondo, konmari, konmari consultants, life hacks, mind reading, organization, paper, passion, past, sentimental, sorting, spark joy, tidying, tips, vision

    Karin and Kristyn wind down the year with a look back at some of the shows that made the biggest impact on them and on you, our listeners!

  • Ep 16 | Stress Free Holiday Joy with Amanda Jefferson

    December 12th, 2017  |  39 mins 37 secs
    amanda jefferson, christmas, gift giving, holiday, indigo organizing, konmari, konmari consultants, marie kondo, organization, paper management, paper organization, spark joy, stress free, tidying

    Amanda Jefferson, KonMari Consultant, shows us how to Delegate, Defer, Diminish, and Delete our way to a stress free holiday season.

  • Ep 15 | Men KonMari Too with Doug Marshall

    December 5th, 2017  |  37 mins 30 secs
    closet purge, doug marshall, fashion, konmari, konmari consultants, konmari for men, marie kondo, organization, spark joy, style, tidying

    Doug Marshall hesitated to start tidying his closet, but immediately noticed profound changes taking place in his life as he moved through his KonMari tidying event.

  • Ep 14 | From Chaos to Calm with Christine O'Brien

    November 28th, 2017  |  26 mins 10 secs
    brene brown, calm, chaos, children, closets, clothing, clutter, discarding, family, fear, future, gratitude, home, homelife, japan, joy, kim john payne, komono, kondo, konmari, konmari consultants, life hacks, lifetimes, mom, mother, organization, paper, parents, past, sentimental, simplicity, sorting, spark joy, tidying, tips, toys, vision

    Christine O'Brien's mission is to help moms create calm and joyful lives.
    A Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach and KonMari enthusiast with over a decade of experience, Christine coaches women to create home environments that support harmony and connection.

  • Ep 13 | Does It Spark Joy?

    November 21st, 2017  |  33 mins 55 secs
    books, closets, clothing, clutter, discarding, family, fear, future, halloween, holidays, home, homelife, japan, joy, komono, kondo, konmari, konmari consultants, life hacks, lifetimes, organization, paper, past, sentimental, sorting, spark joy, tidying, tips, vision

    Karin and Kristyn discuss the fundamental KonMari question: Does it spark joy?

  • Ep 12 | One Mom's KonMari Summer

    November 14th, 2017  |  46 mins 24 secs
    diane arias, konmari, konmari consultants, konmari kids, konmari summer, marie kondo, mom, organization, spark joy, tidying

    Diane Arias, wife and mom of three, strides through the highs and lows of her summertime KonMari tidying event, and shares the life-changing impact it had on her family.

  • Ep 11 | [Tidy] Like a Mind Reader with Jonathan Pritchard

    November 7th, 2017  |  38 mins 5 secs
    business coaching, jonathan pritchard, konmari, konmari consultants, magic, marie kondo, mentalist, mind reader, organization, spark joy, think like a mind reader, tidying

    Jonathan Pritchard, professional mind reader and author, opens his psychological toolkit to help us apply the predictive art of mind reading to reach personal goals across all areas of our life.

  • Ep 10 | The Beautiful Struggle with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

    October 31st, 2017  |  42 mins 14 secs
    art, chicago, family, grief, healing, holy family church htx, houston, japanese philosophy, joy, kintsugi, kondo, konmari, konmari consultants, loss, mark nepo, organization, painting, poetry, spark joy, spirituality, teaching, tidying, transformation, travel, wabi sabi, workshops

    Lanecia Rouse Tinsley of LAR Art Studio shares her passion for expressive and transformative art forms within the art of Wabi Sabi.

  • Ep 9 | Tidying by Location is a Fatal Mistake

    October 24th, 2017  |  22 mins 33 secs
    categories, clothing spark joy, clutter, family, five second rule, home, japan, joy, kondo, konmari, konmari consultants, mel robbins, organization, paper, thailand, tidying, yoga

    Karin and Kristyn discuss how organizing by category can help you keep your home organized and prevent a return to clutter.

  • Ep 8 | Make Bold Moves with The Traveling Organizer Holly Southerland

    October 17th, 2017  |  42 mins 38 secs
    categories, coaching, entrepreneur, folding, for the love of tidy, holly southerland, home organization, homes, konmari, konmari consultants, konmari method, management, marie kondo, organization, paper, personality, podcast, spark joy, the serene home, tidying, waco

    Holly Southerland, traveling professional organizer talks taking risks and making bold moves.

  • Ep 7 | Design and the Future of Minimalism with Lloyd Alter

    October 10th, 2017  |  42 mins 9 secs
    architecture, for the love of tidy, homes, interior design, konmari, konmari consultants, konmari method, lloyd alter, marie kondo, minimalism, mother nature, organization, podcast, spark joy, sustainability, the serene home, tidying, treehugger

    Lloyd Alter, architect and design editor of Tree Hugger magazine, helps us understand our changing relationship with our possessions and how the upcoming generation will view design and functionality.

  • Ep 6 | Declutter Your Path to Wealth with Tess Wicks

    October 3rd, 2017  |  47 mins 36 secs
    decluttering, entrepreneur, financial independence, for the love of tidy, konmari, konmari consultants, konmari method, marie kondo, money, organization, personal finance, podcast, spark joy, tess wicks, the serene home, tidying, wander wealthy, wealth

    Tess Wicks, personal finance coach and educator, breaks down the journey to financial independence into key actions and makes the connection between our priorities, the things we acquire, and our life vision.