Ep 110 | Modern Frugality with Jennifer Smith

November 12th, 2019 · 32 mins 14 secs

About this Episode

Jen Smith author and creator of modernfrugality.com explores how to follow your journey to paying off debt and reaching other big financial goals.

Jen Smith co-hosts the Frugal Friends Podcast and author of Amazon best-selling book, "The No-Spend Challenge Guide" and latest book "Pay Off Your Debt for Good."

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • Learn more about the ideas behind frugality and debt management including the Financial Independence or FI movement.

  • The philosophy behind Modern Frugality

  • The growth of the Modern Frugality platform and movement

  • It’s not about being cheap!

  • Learn about the Four Pillars of Modern Frugality:
    -Value based spending
    -Minimalism focused
    -Environmentally friendly
    -Simpler and cleaner

  • Learn about Jen’s KonMari journey and what she and her husband learned along the way

  • Why Jen is a big fan of KonMari folding

  • The importance of focusing on the Big Four of expenditures: housing, transportation, bills and food. Focusing on these big expenditures and making changes will make a bigger difference in getting rid of debt than cutting back on small things that you love, things that Spark Joy!

  • Be sure to check out Ep 6 | Declutter Your Path to Wealth with Tess Wicks and Ep 58 | KonMari + Financial Freedom with House of FI for more ideas finance and debt management

Jennifer’s favorite tidying tip for people wanting to live a life of modern frugality:
“Clear your surfaces. If you can clear your coffee table, your TV stands… your cloud of clutter will begin to lift.”

What is sparking the most joy for Jen:
“I’m a new mom and watching my husband become a dad has really warmed my heart.”

Parting words of wisdom:
“Find the brand of financial freedom that works for you.”

You can find Jen at modernfrugality.com

She’s on Facebook and Instagram at @ModernFrugality

Her podcast can be found here: The Frugal Friends Podcast
and you can grab a copy of her book on Amazon: The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, & Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams

For Spark Joy Podcast listeners, go to modernfrugality.com/debtfreeworkbook and get the free workbook that walks you through each activity in her new book, "Pay Off Your Debt for Good".


“Having control over your spending and having the confidence that you are spending money on only the things that you WANT to be spending your money on.”

“Learning a little bit about everything and finding what works for you. The radical middle!”

“If you try it for just a little while, you will be surprised at the things you learn about yourself. And I think that in itself if work the practice.”

“I follow "values-based spending" which is essentially spending without guilt on things that spark joy and eliminating or lowering spending on everything else.”

“So many things came to light while we were paying down our debt, I wanted to write a book about it.”

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