Ep 102 | How to Use Music to Boost Your Mood, Memory, and Productivity

September 17th, 2019 · 36 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

Cami Galles, singer-songwriter and performing artist, explores the fact that music is sound organized in time and universally impacts our mood, memory, and productivity in so many different ways.

Today’s guest helped us unpack how music impacts our mood, memory and productivity. Cami Galles' alluring voice is matched only by her charismatic personality. The Kansas-raised singer-songwriter spent nearly a decade in new your city cultivating grit and a unique sound before calling Chicago home. Cami’s mesmerizing delivery imbues her music with a bold empowerment, and her singular “Future Blues” style melds Blues, Pop, and Jazz with uptempo dance beats. Her electric, must-see live performances have dazzled iconic Chicago venues, and she will soon embark on a national tour in 2020.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • How Cami's experience and talents in sales, marketing, real estate and more influenced her unconventional path to becoming a performing artist
  • Cami's easy hack to exploring music all around the world in 30 minutes
  • How music can impact everything from healing muscles and stimulating brain cells
  • The impact of classical music and upbeat music has on your stress level
  • How sad songs actually help you connect and bond and other tips on how you can spark joy with music
  • The ideal frequency to even out and sooth brain activity and reception to information
  • The unique difficulty artist experience when shaping sad songs when conveying their authentic first hand experience
  • The inspiration behind Cami's latest hit: "Liar." Check out the FULL VIDEO here!!

Cami's favorite tidying tip: Pick a room in your house, turn on your favorite song and see how much tidying you can get done in that time and then treat yourself.

What sparks joy for Cami: Her new vacuum from Simplicity

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  • "You have to be your own patron."
  • "There are some songs that are written to give people courage."
  • "You have to be able to tell the story and be who you are authentically."
  • "Don't let the barrier of entry to music be high."
  • "Find little ways to introduce music into your life and early in your day to drastically change your mood."

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