Ep 138 | Downsizing 101 with Marni Jameson

June 23rd, 2020 · 35 mins 20 secs

About this Episode

Marni Jameson, author and columnist, joins us to discuss the difficult, emotional journey of downsizing your home or your aging parents' home.

Marni is a nationally syndicated columnist, author, journalist, TV guest, speaker and America’s most-loved home and lifestyle expert. Her weekly column “At Home with Marni Jameson” appears in papers nationwide reaching millions of readers. An award-winning journalist, Marni is also the author of five books, including Downsizing the Family Home and Downsizing the Blended Home.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • The personal event that sparked Marni's interest in writing about the process of downsizing her family's home
  • Where to start when it comes to downsizing and the emotions attached with the activity
  • Questions to ask yourself (beyond "does it spark joy?") when you're deep in legacy management
  • How Marni made decisions about childhood memories
  • The importance of keeping the end game in mind
  • The difference between an antique and a valuable antique - it's all about what the market wants!
  • Tips on compromising about what to keep/discard when you are downsizing a blended home
  • How Marni knew when to lean on professionals during the process
  • Marni's tips for those those who are downsizing

Marni's favorite tidying tip:
-Two phrases that are off limits in her household: "for now" and/or "later"
-Clear counters - put it away! (visual harmony and peace)

What sparks joy for Marni:
Her yard and backyard oasis

To connect with Marni Jameson, you can find her at marnijameson.com

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"You want to honor the family legacy, and memory and history, but you can't take it all with you."
"When everything is important, nothing is important."
"I have enough. They are alive in my heart."

"It's important for parents to not be a storage locker for their kids."
"You can't hold on to everything and you have to learn to evolve and roll forward and be present in who you are now."
"Has it served its useful life?"
"It's freeing to let things go and realize they have served their purpose."

"I love stuff. I just don't want to have something that's not me anymore, that's not useful to me anymore, or not who I am today."

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